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Hobby House is a fictitious, yet friendly company that had been made up to present the features and facilities of e-Kit's Web Manager CMS (Content Management System)

Content is managed mostly managed in one of two ways on this website. Firstly, by use of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor (a bit like a word processing package method) and secondly, by use of information stored in a database.

Business History

The Events page and the News page are examples of pages that are managed by a database.  With this method, web managers fill in small sections of information (fields) into forms and that information is then published on the live public website in a structured and controlled manner. This is a very efficient and practical way of publishing information on the internet.   an example of a form is shown above.
The words and images on this page however have been built using the Web Manager General Content editor, and enables anyone to type, upload images and downloadable files to a page and lay it all out in any way they see fit.  An example of an editing window is shown on the right.

Demo Article system